WHY BERKELEY for your MBA program:

Becoming an Innovative Person and Driving Economic Growth in our Society



There are only a handful of MBA students who are Japanese at Haas School of Business. Japan was the 2nd largest economy until recently. Doing what you are told will not drive economic growth, it will make competition even worse and profitability goes to zero, according to Microeconomics Theory on Longterm Equilibium of Pricing (Increase in the number of suppliers drives sales price down).
What we need is someone who can make changes, drive economic growth and create wealth for the company and the society. Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley will teach you how to think differently and drive innovation. I think this is one of the best value propositions I have ever seen from anyone.

1. Why Berkeley for your MBA program:

     UC Berkeley is a large research university and  is very strong in research area such as  Electrical Engineering, Semicondustor, Computer Science, Genetech, Nanotech, Clean Energy and so on.  In the social science area, there are infinite numbers of experts in the research area in Public Policy Making, Economics and so on.   

     While studying at Haas (UCB MBA Program), there will be numerous opportunities to listen to the lectures by experts in many different subject area, to have joint project with graduate student from various engineering schools, to create your own research agenda or write a business plan for your own start up venture idea.

     MBA program does not mean that you go through one size fits all one or two year program.   We all have different professional background and how we want to shape our future carriers are all different.   Berkeley MBA program with many certificate programs in areas listed below, allows you to develop in depth knowledge and skill, and to prepare you for taking a new position in the industry of your choice.  ( Consultants, VC, Investment bank, Real Estate, Private Equity, Entrepreneur, CSR, MOT, Health, etc)

     But most of all, UC Berkeley is not only where students turn themselves into innovative leaders, it is where people from different back ground interact with each other to shape the future of our society so we can make the world a better place.

     Even after you graduate from UC Berkeley, there will be many opportunity to stay involved.      As Berkeley is on the West Coast of the United State and a short subway ride from San Francisco International Airport, you may be able to visit Berkeley every time you visit the USA on business or on vacation.  Now a days, with SNS tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and also with the help from Haas Alumni organization, it will be easier to stay connected to your classmates at Haas.   In Tokyo, UC Berkeley Alumni Association has frequent events including a party at US Embassy in Nov 2008 and  a lecture by Mr. Kitashiro, ex Chairman of IBM Japan.

    The party at the US Embassy:  http://www.berkeleyjapan.net/gyouji/gyoujiEfile/UC_2008_birgeneau_nov10/2008_us-embassy_birgeneau_reception.htm

    Lecture on Innovation  http://www.berkeleyjapan.net/gyouji/gyoujiJfile/Kitashiro07.html

    Alumni network          http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/groups/alumni/

    MBA program at UC Berkeley has been an incredible and rewarding experience for each one of us who had the opportunity to ENDURE it.  The amount of the knowledge one can earn through the program justifies every penny of very expensive tuition ($100,000) and the effort one has to put in, but the ability to tap into the brain power of the University of California community (Professors, graduate students and alumni) even after you graduate is what makes the MBA programs at the University of California so compelling.  


         I encourage you to apply to the MBA program at UC Berkeley.  When you compose your essays, make sure that what you are explaining is unique enough so that the reader can pretty much recall what you have mentioned in the essay.  Mind Mapping technique is an effective way to list up and organize your thoughts.



         In addition to subjects regarding your professional goal, you might want to mention some of social issues we have in our society, how you might be able to work with others within the University of California System while you are MBA students at Berkeley to gain insights into possible solution and how your studies, experience and connection while at Berkeley will help your participation in combating social issues after you graduate.   (e.g. poverty, conflicts, world peace, public consensus building to boost new industry, education system, global warming, etc) 

        Perhaps, Berkeley MBA admission committee is looking for someone who will not only succeed professionally, but also someone who will speak up to shape public consensus, help others combating social issues and participate in the effort to make the world a better place.         http://www.berkeleyjapan.net/dousoukai/calfmsgE.htm

Tips on writing “Personal Statement ”     Essay Structure, flow, MUST SEE


 Come join Univ. of Calif Community.     http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/campuses/welcome.html

 Univ. of Calif. System could be the educational institution of the choice for generation to come in your family. 
    Here is a MUST SEE VIDEO INTRODUCTION of  Haas School  of Business, UC Berkeley   (Real Player needed )  http://www.pbs.org/wttw/ceoexchange/episodes/bschools.html#bschool502
        Here is an article by class of 2010 student:
         Here are the comments from Haas MBA graduates:   
         Here is a write up on Haas undergraduate program.                     
Added Oct 16 2009       
 2009 MBA Ranking by the Economist Magazine,  Berkeley #1 in North America. #3 Globally.


 Added Oct 17 2009         

  UC Berkeley Professor Oliver Williamson wins 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics:




“Berkeley strives for excellence. 35 of 36 departments ranks top 10 in USA”.

 ”The energy you feel here in Berkeley is incredible.  You can not walk on this campus without being picked up by others who want to have discussion on so many intellectually stimulating topics.”

Economist Magazine – Nobel Prize Economics 2009


取引コスト アプローチ Transaction Cost Approach   Williamson



経営者行動の心理会計分析 : 行動取引コスト・アプローチ

人的資本のマネジメント : 取引コスト・アプローチからの考察

2)  Berkeley’s  Specialties:  Certificate programs, joint degrees, recognized top MBA area.

        Certificate Programs:


  See Page 24-28 of the brochure for Full time MBA Program:


         n)   Certificates in MOT, Entrepreneurship, Public Policies, etc

Management of Technology      http://mot.berkeley.edu/                               http://mot.berkeley.edu/Berkeley_Students/Students/Certificate_Program/Certificate_Program.htm
Lecture series video:      

  MOT Lecture Series      
       Course Overview:   Managing Internet and Digital Media Production Speaker Series
             in Real Estate:

      INSTITUTES AND CENTERS:    Tap into the brain power of UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley  

 a)  Service Science Management Engineering     SSME  (See Detail   Google Knol  SSME)

         80% of GDP is in the service industries, yet most of us have no clue on how to design effective services.

 c)  New Venture Fianance    From Entrepreneur’s point of view


 d)   Venture Capital & Private Equity  



 e)    M&A strategy is a must in this over capacity of supply era.



 f)  Alternative Energy      50 % of VC funding is in Alternative Energy

                                    R&D program with BP / Exxon    $500 Million over 10 years.

                                    Dr Steven Chu    Dept of Energy

        Center for Responsible Business http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/responsiblebusiness/
            Resources for writing a biz plan  http://bplan.berkeley.edu/index.cfm?section=Resource%20Center

            In Japanese  http://goldenbear.exblog.jp/11151177/

 i)  Joint program with  School of Law:     

      Intellectual property strategy is essential.  http://www.law.berkeley.edu/institutes/bclt/

    See introduction to IP Law:  http://blog.livedoor.jp/qingye1112/archives/cat_15094.html

                 IP Law            http://blog.livedoor.jp/qingye1112/archives/165213.html

          Courses in IP Law available at Berkeley  Boalt Law School. 


     MIT has Syllabus and Reading assignments available on OCW (Open Courseware):

              Browse through course description concerning “Laws of ……”




     Double Degree:    Law School, Public Health         URL Added Oct 17 2009


 j)  Public Policy Making –  

       One week visit to the Washington DC.   http://goldenbear.exblog.jp/10528096/   

        The Washington Campus  http://kelley.iu.edu/kjsa/extraprogram/washington.htm     

         See Public Policy related URL links     http://mariko-loveandpeace.blogspot.com/
          UC Berkeley, School of Public Policy   http://gspp.berkeley.edu/about/about.html
Using the Web to shape public policy:    http://moderator.appspot.com/#16/e=21780
Paper on the need to build a unified web system to shape public policy:
 k) Berkeley stand for “making difference in the world”    e.g.  Free speech movement
l)   Berkeley’s specialities:  CSR, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, MOT, etc.
     Clean Tech to Market  http://berc.berkeley.edu/cleantech-to-market
m)  Finance Club’s recommended Class List:
o)    List of Student Clubs:
p)  Exchange program:  Up to 12 units, study in Italy, France, Spain, UK,  etc.
r)   Last but not least,  Evening & Weekend MBA:    http://ewmba.haas.berkeley.edu/.
 Sat classes conducted in Berkeley and San Jose every other week, or  MW, TueThu evening classes in Berkeley.  
     853 applied, 242 got admitted.   Perfect, if your employer has an office in SF Bay Area.
     Dean’s Message:       http://ewmba.haas.berkeley.edu/whyberkeley/dean.html
    PDF brochure for printing      http://ewmba.haas.berkeley.edu/EWMBAbrochure10.pdf
    Faculty’s Recording – Class Introduction http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/EWMBA/facultyrecordings.html
         What’s great about the parttime MBA program is that you can apply the knowledge you have learned from the case studies and the lectures to your job right away, rather than waiting 2 years until you graduate from fulltime MBA program.
        Saturday classess are video taped so even if you have overseas biz trip, you can watch the video within 2-3 days of the lecture.   Weekday night classes are video taped upon request.   Classmades at EWMBA program all have different back ground  and many work for Intel, Oracle, Cisco, Genetech, Chavron, Yahoo, Google, etc., so it is really exciting if you enjoy learning about high tech marketing, web biz, using IT and Web to change biz model and/ or making the work flow more efficient.
        The topics your study group team or business plan competition team choose are guarranteed to be very innovative one. 
    I just received confirmation from the US Embassy in Tokyo stating that as long as I-20 can be issued to the student, US Embassy will issue F-1 Student Visa even to Part-time MBA admits. I think this will alllow more Japanese applicants to be admitted to top MBA school in USA.

RE: Question about student visas 
     After some research, we cannot find anything which would indicate that a foreign student could NOT study in a part-time MBA program. As long as the student has the I-20 from the school, we would issue the visa, assuming the student is otherwise qualified.
Unquote    Confirmation received shortly before Sept 14 2010 from US Embassy Tokyo.

     NOT ELIGIBLE FOR F-1 Student Visa so you must have H1, L1 or other Visa,  2.5 -3 year program.  If 50% or more of your expense is paid by your company or scholarship, you may qualify for J-1 Visa.  If you take minimum of 12 units per semester (full time MBA equivalent work load,51 units over 2 years), US Embassy may will grant a student Visa as long as you have I-20 from the University.   
Added Oct 16 2009
 Accelerated Graduation for EWMBA –  It is possible to graduate in a little over 2 years.
 Total units for EWMBA program is  42 units over 6 semester (3 years)  and is different from Fulltime MBA program (51 units over 2 years?)
1st year,    Fall 8 units,   Spring  8 units,   Summer 3 units    Total   19 units
2nd year     Fall   9 units,    Mid Academic Retreat  2 units,  International Trip  3 units,   Spring 9 units  Total 23 units.
   Total  42 units to graduate.    Hey, it can be done!   22 months to finish EWMBA.

Part-time MBA Ranking:
  Added May 6 2010    US News ranks Berkeley Parttime MBA #3 in USA
   Added Nov 25 2009  Business Week ranks  Berkeley Parttime MBA #3 in USA  
   Added Oct 17 2009
    UC Berkeley Parttime MBA program office refuse to give out contact detail to BusinessWeek and other publication so Berkeley Part time MBA program is rarely listed in rankings.
     Parttime MBA Feaver – Stay employed, stay out of debt.

 3.  Recommended courses:  Electives

a)  Competitive Strategy     (Competitive advantage is the only source of profit )


b)  Leadership  ( all other efforts are waisted without a good leader )




c)   Washington Trip  -  Public Policy Making   http://goldenbear.exblog.jp/10528096/
d)   Entrepreneurship

e)   New Venture Finance   ( From Entrepreneur’s point of view.  )

f)    Innovation Management    i)  in corporate setting   ii) Innovation design
      i)  New Business Development in Corporate and International Settings:  296T-11
               Why Innovation is so difficult in large corporation?
           Down load  Geoffrey Moore’s presentation on Innovation “Dealing with the Darwin”
       ii)  290T- 11 Leading Innovation Strategy and Process in Firms  
       Essence from 2 classes        http://knol.google.com/k/eiji-aj-hagiwara/-/2cg2xof6ancr8/4#view

g)   Sales force management & channel design

i)     Independent Study,  Choose your own topic, if you want to make a difference in the world.

 3.  Core Courses

a)  Microeconomics

b)  Organizational Behaviors

c)  Financial Accounting

d)  Marketing                http://www.oxlearn.com/default.aspx

e)  Operations

f)   Corporate Finance

g)  Macroeconomics

h)  Business Ethics

      (The last one mile of world peace, Leadership Communications  HaaS UC Berkeley 2006  )
j)   Mid Program Retreat   3 days  http://ewmba.haas.berkeley.edu/courses_5.html
       This 2 unit 3 day session is in lieu of writing master’s paper for EWMBA students. 
Well, folks at UCLA have good description of the core classes.  Please see bottom half of this link.
Here is a brief description of core courses from Kellogg Alumni in Tokyo in Japanese:
4. Essays:
Google Knol on Similar Topic:
    Selecting the right MBA School:
       Haas  Essay Tips:
Adam is based in Tokyo, Japan,  see “Applying or MBA” section of my blog also,    
Testimonials on Adam’s service from those who got admitted to the Top MBA schools:
Adam’s Interview with Haas Class of 2010 student:
Essay writing process:
Applicant’s Experience on the Application Process:
Essay tips from Harvard MBA:  in Japanese
Essay tips from Stanford MBA:  in Japanese
List of Blogs, current MBA students & alumni (AGOS Japan):
What does MBA mean?
How to become Berkeley MBA Admits:
Social Media at Berkeley MBA,   application tips anyone?
 5. Fun:
a)  California Performing Arts,  50% off on Theater Performance, concerts with Cal Student ID
    San Francisco Symphony   $25 Rush Tickets  http://www.sfsymphony.org/
    San Francisco Opera          http://sfopera.com/
    San Francisco Ballet           http://goldenbear.exblog.jp/10432109/
b) Free Alameda County Bus Ride  AC Transit: (WIth Cal Student ID)
c)  University of California Flying Club:    Interested in learning how to fly airplane?
      Earn Pilot License while in MBA Program?  Sounds like a crazy idea, it can be done !
           http://torizou.blogspot.com/2008/05/blog-post.html   She already had a glider license.
     Helicopter ?    http://www.heli.com/  Concord, CA    20 miles West of Berkeley     
             http://www.goldengatehelicopters.com/flight_training.html  San Carlos, 20 mi South of SF
d)  Blue Angeles, US Navy Aerobatic Air Shows     Columbus Day Weekend in October
  Setting up in Berkeley
6)  BetterWorldPilot  Profile /       UC Berkeley    BA Computer Science,  MBA
 Blog:     http://betterworldpilot.blogspot.com/   Let’s make the world a better place together
 Aerial Photo of San Francisco / Berkeley:  http://www.panoramio.com/user/2873947/tags/Aerial%20Photo
      (beautiful campus )           http://saturo.blog.drecom.jp/archive/27
          Look for  UC Flying Club or other flying school, once you are enrolled to UC Berkeley.
8)  Well, stop dreaming about getting into MBA program.  Start listing up the action items and hit the books.
http://www.fulbright.jp/study/res/t1-college06.html#4    Going to US Graduate School  (in Japanese)
http://tokyo.usembassy.gov/j/irc/ircj-ryugaku.html        US Embassy Resource ( in Japanese)

Blog:     http://betterworldpilot.blogspot.com/   Let’s make the world a better place together       


9)  Work in USA after earning MBA?
1o)  Part time MBA:           Nearly 200 universities in USA have part time MBA program.
        Same MBA degree as full time MBA.   Most offer student visa, option to switch to fulltime MBA if your GPA is good, evening classes are cross listed with fulltime MBA, and there may even be exchange program with universities in exotic places such as Italy, France and Spain.  
May not be suitable for folks going into Investment Bank, if such business still exist. 
San Francisco Bay Area:
  UC Davis   San Ramon CA  (25 miles East of San Francisco)
  Wharton West  (San Francisco)
  UC Berkeley    (Berkeley does not give contact detail of students to Business Week and others.  So, Berkeley is not listed in these ranking for Part time MBA)
   Santa Clara University      (50 miles South of San Francisco)
Los Angeles Area:
   UCLA                                                      Lot’s of parking lot,  next to Beverly Hills  (Tuition is 50% of Berkeley)
   UC Irvine    South of Los Angeles         Where else do you want to be ?
   University of Southern California.       Lot’s of buildings, not much trees.  Great Cheer Leaders !
More down to earth places than California:
   Northwestern  (Chicago)                     North Part of Chicago
    University of Chicago                         Downtown
   University of Michigan                        Ann Arbor, Michigan
   University of Texas, Austin                 Silicon Hills,  Hill Country,  Music Capital of the USA.
  Added Nov 25 2009    Parttime MBA ranking:
11)  Extra Topics:
a)  Education
      Master degree in Education @ Stanford:     
      Dual degree, MBA / Master’s degree in Education @ Stanford:    
      Policy making in Education:
b) Work life style, importance of building social capital and use of English:
12)  URL for useful Papers:
野村総合研究所         http://www.nri.co.jp/opinion/chitekishisan/index.html
  東大                http://ocw.u-tokyo.ac.jp/course-list/economics/management-strategy/lecture-notes/shintaku-01.pdf

    その他 大学の論文のRepositoryがあります。
NTT Data http://www.nttdata.co.jp/bs2006/day/pdf/d3_i13.pdf Web Marketing
NTT AgileNet http://www.nttdata.co.jp/event/report/usinsight/
NTT 研究所           http://www.ntt.co.jp/RD/OFIS/magazine.html
MGSSI http://mitsui.mgssi.com/issues/menu_issues.php
MSK 国際戦略研究所の情報誌 Movin: http://www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/bg/cs/dstrategy2.html
MIT Open Courseware http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/web/home/home/index.htm
Knowlege@ Wharton http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/
McKinsey http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/home.aspx


教育改革、海外留学への奨学金, 知識社会時代の人材育成
雇用を創出する新たな産業の立ち上げや 楽天、ユニクロ、Softbank等の優位性がありMarket NeedsにあったVentureを立ち上げる為には Creativeで Innovativeな人材を増やす必要があります。 海外のTop Levelのビジネススクールや NanoTech, WebMedia, CleanEnergy、社会政策等の専門分野の大学院等に留学する人間に対しては 企業からの奨学金制度を拡充し 100%所得税税額控除を企業に対し認める必要があります。

 異文化に触れ、Innovative Spritのある人材との交流等 多様な経験が経済の発展には必要です。



 Innovation Anyone?
Watch 1:14   Dr. Kurokawa

Private Equity in Japan:

Papers by HaaS Professors:

Dynamics Capabilities and Strategic Management     David Teece  

When do scientist become entrepreneurs?   Wavely Ding

Here is why MIT Sloan MBA  -  presentation in Japanese:  

Surviving through MBA Program.   Tips

Got Big Idea,   Contest   UC Berkeley: